Remember the cover I posted two posts down? I was all happy with it until I tried to put it in the actual ebook. Those nice curving letters looked all blotchy once the ebook formatting software was done with it. And I realized that once the book is shrunken down, it’s not quite so obvious that it is a gas tank that the funnel is sticking out of. It’s kind of unidentifiable. So now I’m re-tweaking the danged thing with a smaller gas tank image, and no curving text. And it took me so long to learn paths!

I don’t want to unshrink the image too much, because then I have this distracting stripe (my truck has a silver stripe), and it becomes obvious that the gas tank is from a truck, and not a car.

On the bright side, I’ll have an opportunity to photograph some antique cars tomorrow. I hope there are a few muscle cars there. That would be so perfect. I’ll take about a zillion pictures of the cars not only as research for this story, but for my time travel historical as well.

I have tremendous respect for digital artists! I salute you! (And maybe I should hire one of you!)