I knew I didn’t have time for this. I should have listened to myself.

After all, I have songs to finish, novels to finish, and just plain blogging to do. But what do I do instead? Work on publishing my short story.

Every aspect of this is laborious. Formatting the ebook. Creating a cover. Making sure the cover looks good once you format it in the ebook file. I mean, dang. I have 9 versions of this cover. Publishers do earn their pay, guys. Here’s the final version: I ended up using a picture that I took myself.

I went to five different stores before I found a metal funnel. They’re all plastic these days. And it still wasn’t the type of funnel I wanted, so I had to make do.

So, I’m taking this slow, just working on it when I feel like it. I’m almost done. For some reason, the cover’s not shrinking up well in the actual book file. I think it’s because the graphic program I’m using doesn’t convert to jpeg natively (huh???), so I’m converting it to png, then to jpeg in another program. I seem to be suffering from a loss of quality during these conversions. Frustrating.

When I do have it ready, I have to decide whether to take advantage of Amazon’s KDP Select program or not. From what I understand, authors can make some serious money doing this. The big drawback is you have to give Amazon an exclusive for 3 whole months. Not sure I want to do that.

Decisions, decisions!