I have a new addiction–Georgette Heyer. Someone put up a post a while back about going back and rereading Cotillion every couple of years, so I finally downloaded it and read it. Yes, it is highly rereadable! I liked it so much that I downloaded The Nonesuch for 1.99 at B&N, and I’m halfway through it as well.

I feel quite certain that I read some Georgette Heyer as a teenager. But I didn’t pay much attention to author names back then, so they all blur into Victoria Holt and Barbara Cartland. So I have dozens of books to read! This is almost as good as when I first discovered Jane Austen!

What is it about the Regency period that is so entrancing? It’s definitely the culture; take a Regency novel out of England and you have quite a different flavor. Of course, the term “Regency” doesn’t apply much if it’s not in England, because that’s the country that had the Prince Regent in question. Curious that he never seems to show up in any Regency novels …

Has anyone ever read a novel–romance or otherwise–that takes place outside of England during the 1810s and 1820s? Like, say, New York? I would think such a novel would be rather grim. I remember reading a novel that took place in India–a rather torrid romance, as I recall.

But Georgette Heyer is quite clean. One kiss at the end, with no particular details.

If you’ve read Georgette Heyer, do you have any particular recommendations for me?