If you like fairy tale retellings, head on over to Stella’s Ex Libris site for her two week Spotlight on Fairy Tales Retold event. I’m up on Thurdsay, and today Bettie Sharp’s Cat’s Tale is launching the event. Here is the schedule, which will be updated all week.


I spent a long weekend visiting family. My feet ache. Next time, I WILL bring some slippers.

Here’s what I’ve been reading, lately:

  • Little House on the Prairie – I’ve been reading this book aloud in order to kindle my daughter’s interest in reading novels. She was rivited all throughout it. So was my husband. He called it the ultimate book to read in case of an apocalypse, because in it you will find complete instructions on how to build a log cabin, fireplace, well, door, barn door, puncheon floor, beds and rocking chair. We’ll be moving onto the next book. I skipped Little House in the Big Woods, which I skipped as a child, too.
  • No One to Trust by Julie Moffett. I read the first book, No One Lives Twice, and I liked it so much that I bought NOTT on the day it was released.
  • Master and Apprentice by Sonya Bateman. This is the followup to Master of None, which I reviewed here.

I have lots of other new books on my Nook as well.


Speaking of Nooks, I’ve decided to root mine. I’ll probably do it later this week. Has anyone rooted their Nooks, jailbroken their iPads, or engaged in similar activity? The reason I want to root my nook is so I can install the Kindle app on it. I’m tired of Kindle owners bragging to me about how great is the Kindle store while I just writhe in jealously, because the B&N store is … not so great. My one and only attempt to purchase something there led me to Diesel Ebooks, which is now my favorite ebook store.

Does anyone know any drawbacks to rooting nooks? Can you still install your DRM-ed ebooks on a rooted nook?