I am on a quest for the perfect purse, which would include all these features. Because, you know, it would then be perfect.

  • All sturdy leather. No soft leather, which wears out so quickly. I want a purse that is as durable as a saddle.
  • No liner. I don’t care if the inside of said sturdy leather purse feels icky. I DON’T want a liner. They tear so easily, especially when surrounded by sturdy leather. If the liner is something sturdy itself, like canvas, then I’d consider it.
  • A long shoulder strap. Purses slide right off my shoulder. I need to be able to fling it around my head when my hands are full.
  • A short handle, by which I can grab the purse. I love purses that have a long strap and a short handle. But this is optional.
  • A front zipper pocket. This is for my badge.
  • Two gadget pouches. They can be on the inside or the outside, but if they are on the outside, they need some way to close.
  • Three separate interior compartments. Not one huge pouch with three separate liner compartments. That’s really only one compartment. The compartments are for:
    • Wallet
    • Notebook and pen
    • Glasses, business card case, pill bottle bookmarks and assorted other things of varying sizes
  • At least two inside pockets. These are for:
    • Business cards, reward program cards, membership cards
    • Small tubes of chapstick, Burt’s Bees, hand sanitizer and lotion
  • A back pocket. This is for my keys. Its optional, because I can make do with one of the compartments. A zipper is even more optional.
  • Not huge. Yes, I know that this is tough when I’m asking for so much. But the purse cannot be one of those huge old lady purses. I’d rather have a fat purse than a wide purse.
  • Less than $200. Such a purse as described above might be 500. But then, it would no longer be the perfect purse. The perfect purse would be reasonably affordable. I think being willing to go up to 200 dollars is reasonable. I’m not looking for a designer purse, here. Just a practical one to last me about 2 years.

I won’t buy a Relic purse, because I thought I had a perfect sturdy leather one, but the strap fell off within a year. This is my number one problem with purses. Got any recommendations?