If you followed my now defunct writing blog, you probably know that I think of my muse as a drill sergeant who looks something like R. Lee Ermey:


The caption is self-explanatory as to the reason why.

My muse doesn’t have a name. He’s younger than R. Lee Ermey–but not by much–and is simply the Drill Sergeant. He has a soft side–he actually likes fairy tales.

Well, I haven’t been blogging much because my muse has been keeping me so busy. My Cinderella story is now over 30,000 words and is growing. It won’t make novel-length, but it certainly will be a longer novella. I am also working on that prequel!

Some differences in writing this story and other novels I’ve written:

    • Discipline. When things got rough, I didn’t let myself work on some other story. (The prequel has all the same characters, so it doesn’t count.) I took some time off from it while I was doing my blog tour, and it was a good thing.
    • Structure. I’m much more aware of the structure of my story as I write. When I come up with something that will require a tweak elsewhere, I go back and fix it right away rather than putting it off and trying to make sense out of a cryptic note later.
    • Discipline. Oh, and I shut down all emails, Facebook and Twitter windows while I write. Sometimes, I’ve even been known to turn off my WiFi (I use a laptop). Nothing can get through. Nothing, I say!

      Some things that haven’t changed.

      • Comfort. I must be comfortable as I write. Otherwise, I have a stiff neck the next day. Not fun. Currently, I’m not all that comfortable. I have a padded lap desk just big enough for my lap and trackball (perfect with a laptop, btw, because you can use it on your leg, or a cushion). But it’s still not quite as comfortable as I’d like it. I really need a new LaZBoy, because my daughter broke the old one. Isn’t that what daughters are for? 🙂
      • Water. I must have water on hand. My husband got me a table to sit behind the couch so my water is in easy reach. Isn’t he sweet?
      • Snack. Ok, I try not to do this too much, because that’s just fattening. I carry around evidence of past snackings with me wherever I go.

      What do you think of my writing routines? I must be a pain in the butt to those I live with.