EllaDrakeI’m more likely to read (and write!) spicy novels when it is part of a fantasy or science fiction story. That way, I know there’s going to be something besides the sex scenes. For that reason, I asked Ella Drake to be my guest today. Here’s her bio:

Ella Drake (http://www.elladrake.com) is a dark paranormal and science fiction romance author. You can find her on Twitter (http://twitter.com/lori_ella),  Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/ella.drake), & Goodreads (http://www.goodreads.com/elladrake) where she revels in to her love of romance with a flare of fantasy or the unusual.

And since she’ll be talking about her novel today, it will make more sense if you have the cover copy as well:

Sheriff Guy Trident doesn’t have much to do with off-worlders; he has his hands full keeping his own planet safe. But he’ll do anything, go anywhere to save Jewel Quinn. She broke his heart years ago when she left to marry a Terraloft aristocrat. Now she’s run away from her husband, only to fall into the clutches of slavers.

Posing as a wealthy playboy, Guy arrives at Zuthuru Station to learn he’s too late: Jewel’s memories have been erased. She’s been tipped in silver, a process that leaves nothing behind except her body, sexually bound to pleasuring her master. Unwilling to give up hope, Guy buys her.

Jewel fights to reclaim herself, recalling a different connection to the handsome sheriff, remembering the frightened eyes of a young boy and the events that made her run. Together she and Guy search for her cure, plan her son’s rescue from her ruthless ex, and test if they have any kind of future…before the past catches up to them.

Power and Vulnerability

I love to read erotic science fiction romance and futuristics. I eat it up! In that genre, I’ve come across and enjoyed reading stories centered on the concept of a love slave. The story can be set up in any number of ways. The hero buys the heroine (or finds her in her master’s harem), has sex, falls in love. The heroine can pretend to be a slave, have sex, fall in love. The heroine could be captured, threatened into slavery, and the hero saves her just in time, have sex, fall in love (not necessarily in that order). The roles could reverse, of course, and other twists of the setups mentioned above. Maybe they’re both slaves and cling to each other.

Frequently I read this lightly, other than the intended tension the plot brings. I enjoy the interaction of the characters and overlook the insinuations of power and loss of power the plot invokes. These are fantasies (as in escape-from-reality, not the genre Ms Nevitt so eloquently pens). I can enjoy those fantasies and go back for more of the same. Thank you, please.

But when I got a germ of an idea for a story, the issues of power and vulnerability were things I wanted to explore within the safety of that fantasy.SilverBound

So at the heart of my science fiction romance, Silver Bound are these questions:

If the woman you love is suddenly your sex slave, with no will of her own, do you take her? Do you take advantage of her situation to do the thing you’ve longed to do for years, to touch her? Do you want to OWN her? What does a good man do?

I found my answer to be that in the real world, a good man would do anything to help her out of the situation. A good man would want her on her own terms. But of course, if he knows he can touch her, it’s hard to resist. Throw in the fantasy, and we, the readers, want him to touch and claim her. The story becomes an interesting balance of guilt and desire.

That’s where I put my poor hero, battling desires, love, and his sense of what’s right. And in doing so, I set up the relationship and overarching plot to be based in realism despite the futuristic world. Guy, the hero, is basically a cowboy who also happens to be the sheriff. He’s not an alpha male. Not a beta male, or if you think wolf-shifter story, not omega. He’s a regular guy, in a big, wide universe, battling an impossible situation.

So tell me, what are your guilty pleasure reads? Do you love to read fantasies like a love-slave trope even though you know that in real life, it’s oh-so-wrong?