Some Surprising Things

Today, I’m guest posting at Susanna Fraser’s blog, where I discuss some surprising things about being published. I’ll be having a giveaway there, plus the Amazon Review Drive giveaway here, so feel free to comment at either place.

And I just got to shout about a review over at Christine Bell’s place–she called my story fairypunk! I do believe I will try to popularize that phrase!

4 thoughts on “Some Surprising Things

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  2. “Fairypunk” is a neat term. {SMILE}

    I’m not surprised that getting published turned out to be different than you expected. I’ve noticed that when I’m worried something might go wrong, I have trouble not talking about it. When something has gone wrong, I talk about it, too. I do talk a bit about what goes right, but not as much. When something goes right, I’m not bothered by it, and being bothered is what pushes me to talk about something. {self-amused Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin


  3. What goes wrong is often more interesting than what goes right. And I probably would have felt obliged to keep silent on the subject!


    • Yes, what goes wrong is often more interesting or memorable than what goes right. {Smile}

      Actually, with a stranger, I’d be likely to feel I couldn’t talk about it. My friends would be likely to hear about it, especially my closer friends. I find not talking about things that bother me with the folks I’m close to usually makes me stay upset longer. So I figure it’s better to “talk it out.” {lop-sided smile}

      Anne Elizabeth Baldwin


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