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Classic Reread – Dragonlance Volume 1, Dragons of Autumn Twilight

I’ve finished the first volume of the Dragonlance Chronicles: Dragons of Autumn Twilight, as I do my reread of a fantasy classic.

In this first volume, there is more wonder packed into the opening 200 pages than you see in an entire ten-volume set of other fantasy series. Seriously. Along their way, the companions see miraculous healing, stars missing from the sky, dragonmen, spectral warriors, centaurs, a unicorn, a flight of pegasai, the ruin of a city that had fallen down a cliff, a goddess encounter, and finally, a dragon.

The strength that the authors had was making the characters very engaging. Only Riverwind is difficult to like, and even he grows on you over time. On the other hand, the inconsistencies can be annoying, especially when you consider that this is a reissued volume, where those errors ought to have been caught and corrected. Therefore, sometimes it mentions a knight of solomnia, and other times it’s a Knight of Solomnia. They can’t seem to decide whether it is a Dragon Highmaster or a Dragon Highlord, or the city of Qualinost or Qualinesti. Or maybe the city of Qualinost is in the nation of Qualinesti. It’s hard to tell.

The book is divided in two, which may safely be identified as Adventure 1 and Adventure 2. Adventure 1 is neatly tied to Adventure 2, but still, you can tell these adventures came from gaming modules. Or maybe they developed both at the same time. I just wonder how playable the modules are, because so much of what gets the companions through is sheer luck.

Fizban is still my favorite. And Tasslehoff.

Sometimes the timing seems off. Rocks spend a lot of time falling before they finally reach the ground, and there was so much cutting from one group to another that it seemed to take a long time for events to play out, even though it reads very quickly.

I won’t dive straight into the next book, Dragons of Winter Night. Instead, I’ll read that book Tor sent me not long ago, The Last Page by Anthony Huso. Plus books I have on my nook. I’ll get into Winter Night sometime in the months ahead.

Guest Posts

I hope you are enjoying all the guests I have had lately. A few weeks ago, I extended an invitation to Carina Press authors whose books seemed to be a good fit for this blog, and I had a good response. I am happily booked for the next few weeks, and I have guests lined up as far out as February.

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I have buy links for THE SEVENFOLD SPELL! I continue to feel lucky with my reviews. Also this week, THE SEVENFOLD SPELL is on the current NetGalley Buzz page.  Here are some buy links:

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Tune in tomorrow to read Deb’s take on a different fairy tale retelling!