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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Why So Sexy?

I think the biggest surprise I’ve encountered with people when I tell them about my book is they are surprised that I would write a book with sexy scenes. Especially when I’m a professed Christian. My friend Carole McDonnell went through this a while back with her Wind Follower (which is a wonderful and intense sexy Christian novel), so at least I was not unprepared. So in this post, I try to answer that question.

You can read it here. (I’m too early for Maria, but it will be up later today.)

Blog Swap – Writing for Carina Press. Plus Upcoming Stuff

Review Drive progress–3 out of 10 reviews for the first prize pack.

Just a few thoughts before I send you away. I’ve written the last of my guest posts and sent them off, and my blog tour ends on Thursday. After this week, I’ll only sporadically be blogging elsewhere. And this blog will return to its original purpose–reviewing the best of the new debuts out there in fantasy, science fiction, historical, mystery and Christian genres.

Speaking of Christian genres, I downloaded a Harlequin inspirational historical romance, and it’s on my nook now. It’s called Homespun Bride by Jillian Hart, and I remember seeing it in the store a few weeks ago. I’ve had a contemporary Christian romance floating around in my head for quite a while now, and it would make perfect sense for me to try writing for Harlequin’s Christian line. But first, I need to check out what’s out there.

Thursday, I’ll be at Maria Zannini’s blog, discussing why I chose to include sex scenes in The Sevenfold Spell.  Today I’m blogging over at release day buddy Kathy Ivan’s blog, where I talking about what it’s like writing for Carina Press. Please join me there!

Blog Swap – Kathy Ivan, my Release Day Buddy

Today and tomorrow, I’m doing a blog swap with Kathy Ivan, my release day buddy at Carina Press. Today, she’ll be blogging here while I’m at Carina Press. And tomorrow, I’ll be blogging at her blog while she is at Carina Press. Kathy is a lifelong bookworm who, like me, is now seeing her first work of fiction published. Here is her number one writing rule.


Thanks so much, Tia, for having me today.  Tia and I are release day buddies at Carina. J  Her novella, The Sevenfold Spell, and my romantic suspense with paranormal elements, Desperate Choices, both released on September 27, 2010.  I’m so excited to share this special day with you and with your blog followers.  Show the love by going and buying her novella.

I’ve always loved reading and tried my hand at writing short stories while in high school, but nothing serious.  Back then I think I enjoyed the reading of the books more than the writing of the stories.  That’s not to say I haven’t always had characters and stories dancing around in my head; I have.  But they were only for me.  I didn’t share them with anybody else.

Several years ago I reconnected with author Jane Graves (we worked for the same company doing medical transcription—her in the office and me from home).  She’d published a few books with Harlequin and I dropped her an e-mail congratulating her on her sales.  She responded and invited me to a book signing at Dreamin’ in Dallas which was happening a few days later.  I went to the book signing and was thoroughly impressed by the entire event.  So I decided to come to a DARA (Dallas Area Romance Authors) meeting.  From the very first meeting, I was hooked.  I had come strictly as a reader, but once the creative juices got flowing again, I dove in with a purpose.  I had to get that first book written.

I tend to have very eclectic tastes in reading.  I’ll go through spurts where I’ll read a specific genre, everything I can find until I’m glutted on it.  Then I’ll switch to a new genre and start the process all over again.   Right now I’m going through a paranormal/urban fantasy phase.  Recommendations anybody?  Some of my favorites include Janet Evanovich, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick/Jayne Castle, Karen Marie Moning, Laurell K. Hamilton, Shayla Black, Jo Davis, Jane Graves . . . the list goes on forever.

I’m also a “who did it” kind of gal.  I don’t know why but I always tend to look for the why of a story.  Why did a character do something?  What made the hero or heroine or the villain do whatever they did.  Because of that, romantic suspense just seemed to work well for my style of writing.  My ideas can come from anywhere and anything.  I love to play the “what if” game.  Or I can be watching a program on TV like 20/20 or 48 hours describing a crime that’s been committed, and bang, a kernel of an idea pops into my head and I’ll start seeing the characters and how it fits around their lives, going in a totally different direction than the story I’ve just watched.  Or I’ll get a flash of a character or a location and start working from that.  Sometimes it’s even the end of the dark moment that will pop into my head and I’ll work backwards from there, and the story line evolves as I deconstruct the big black moment.  Plus, I’ll bounce story ideas to my sister, who is a fantastic sounding board.  She can usually spot a plot hole a mile away and gives me great ideas on how to fix my screw ups.  Ideas and motivation are everywhere.  The trick is finding the time to get them all down on paper.

That’s my writing process, as best I can describe it.  I love writing and storytelling.  I hope you enjoy reading Desperate Choices as much as I did writing it.

Love what you write and write what you love.


Tia here. We always hear, “write but you know,” but I think I like this advice better. You really do have to love what you are writing. Who are some of the writers you have read that have really let their love of writing shine through their work? My own choices will be in the comments!

Amazon Review Drive Giveaway!

I read somewhere that 20 was the magic number with Amazon reviews. Something about how after 20 reviews you are more likely to appear in the “customers also liked” lists. I can’t find that article anywhere, but I’m still going to go with the goal of 20 Amazon reviews.

How to inspire reviews? Hopefully by good writing. But a giveaway shouldn’t hurt!

I’d feel uncomfortable requiring you to send me evidence of an Amazon review, so I’m just going to have a general comment giveaway where I will give a Fabulous Prize Pack to a random commenter across all posts (I can view them by date) every time I reach a review milestone that is divisible by 10:

  • 10 reviews – Fabulous Prize Pack 1 — done!
  • 20 reviews – Fabulous Prize Pack 2
  • 30 reviews – Fabulous Prize Pack 3

I’ll re-evaluate this contest once I reach 30 reviews, and I’ll put up another post.

One thing to keep in mind:

I’m not asking for all 5-star reviews. I’m just asking for honest reviews. Please don’t be compelled to give The Sevenfold Spell five stars unless you truly thought it was amazing.


Because a book that has only 5 star reviews looks suspicious. It looks like the author rounded up a bunch of friends and got them to write only 5 star reviews. I’d like a healthy mix, so the best way to achieve that is to just ask you to be honest.

How do I enter?

By commenting on a post here at this blog. Any post. As often as you want. All comments go in a big, fat list in my WordPress dashboard. When I’m ready to give away a Fabulous Prize Pack, I’ll take all those comments, wrestle them into an Excel spreadsheet,  and draw a random number. That person will win. I won’t check whether s/he wrote a review or not. NOTE: the more comments you leave, the more chances you have of winning!

How does a contest like that get Tia Amazon reviews?

Because I’m asking for them. Nicely. I’ll also throw reminders the current progress at the bottom of random posts. Also, the more reviews, the more often I reach one of the milestones, the more often I draw a winner, and the better the prizes will be.

The better the prizes, eh? What’s in them thar prize packs?

An ecopy of The Sevenfold Spell, if you don’t already have it. But! That’s not all! Also in that prize pack will be (a) book(s) that you can choose from my stash of unread review copies and ARCs. I have identified them all at this Goodreads shelf for paperbacks and hardcovers, and this one for ARC editions. If I notify you as the winner, you pick the books and I’ll send them off. I’ll also showcase the picked books here to give those authors a little publicity. But that’s not all! I’ll also throw in an Amazon gift certificate, which will go up with each milestone reached. 10 dollars for 10 reviews, 20 dollars for 20 reviews, and 30 dollars for 30 reviews.

To be abundantly clear, here are the 3 prize packs:

For 10 reviews at

  • ecopy of The Sevenfold Spell
  • 1 book from stash,
  • 10 dollar Amazon gift certificate

For 20 reviews at

  • ecopy of The Sevenfold Spell
  • 2 books from stash,
  • 20 dollar Amazon gift certificate

For 30 reviews at

  • ecopy of The Sevenfold Spell
  • 3 books from stash,
  • 30 dollar Amazon gift certificate

The “stash” consists of books from these Goodreads shelves:

Remember–it doesn’t matter how you purchased The Sevenfold Spell — you can review it at Amazon.

All you have to do is have ever bought anything at Amazon. How do you buy The Sevenfold Spell? A multitude of ways:

When does it start?

Right now! Thank you in advance!

Blog Tour – My Top Ten Favorite Books

Wow. Release day is here. I’m all calm and zen-like. I took the next three days off to celebrate, so expect lots of fun and short posts.

Today, I’m blogging about my Top Ten Favorite Books over at The Fantasy Cafe. Also, the giveaway is still open at The World in a Satin Bag, where I poked fun at a script I wrote for a book trailer that I never filmed.

Please join me at either place! Or better yet, both!

Coming Up

Monday is the official release date for The Sevenfold Spell! To celebrate, I have taken the day off, along with Tuesday and Wednesday, so I will be more available than usual. My blog tour continues this week, and I will be stopping at the following blogs:

Katie has also provided me with another review, but since I’ll be sending you hither and yon all week, I’ll wait to post her review on Friday.

On Tuesday, while I’m blogging over at Carina Press, Kathy Ivan, my release day buddy, will be blogging here in a blog swap. Be sure to make her feel welcome, please! Kathy has written a romantic suspense called Desperate Choices and she’s been a great release day buddy. If you like romantic suspense, buy her book!

This week, I’ll have enough spare time that I should be able to put together a long-overdue Debut Showcase post! Yay! I have also still be reading Dragonlance and I’ll post and update.

Finally, Tor recently sent me a novel called Prospero in Hell by L. Jagi Lamplighter, a debut I apparently missed last year. I was intrigued, so I asked the publicity department to send me the first book in the series (Prospero Lost) as an epub, so now I’m reading it on my nook. It is interesting enough for me to want to blog on it as I read it, because I really don’t think I’ve read anything like this before. So expect those posts every now and then.

The Unexpected Perks of Writing Novellas

Today, I’m over at Rabia Gale’s blog, writing about the unexpected perks of writing novellas. Also, I changed the terms of the giveaway slightly, and I left this comment over at her blog:

I’m sort of learning how to do this as I go, so I hope Rabia doesn’t mind a few changes. I’ll keep the contest open until tomorrow or so. Also, if you don’t like leaving comments, you can enter the giveaway by sending an email to tia . nevitt @ gmail . com (take away the spaces) with “giveaway” in the subject header.

See you there!