Regarding my classic reread, I decided upon Dragonlance for a couple of reasons. First and most annoying, the omnibus edition of The Deed of Paksennarion has print about the same size as my huge study Bible, and I don’t think I’ll be able to read it until I get some subscription reading glasses. (I’ve tried bifocals and they aren’t for me. I decided I do enough reading to merit a dedicated pair of glasses.) I haven’t checked to see if The Deed is available by ebook, mostly because Dragonlance is calling my name. And that was the second reason.

I read the first few chapters of Dragonlance and it is just what I need right now. It’s funny and engaging and wonder-filled. It’s also completely unlike anything published these days, unless you buy something from the Dragonlance shared world.

The story centers on a large group of adventurers, the likes of which you probably once placed D&D with in the past (if you were ever geeky enough to play). It starts with Tanis the half-elven fighter, Caramon, a human fighter, Raistlin, a human mage, Tasslehoff, a hobbit (er–kender) thief, Flint, a dwarven fighter, Sturm, a human fighter (it’s a fighter-heavy group), Goldmoon, a human cleric (although not yet) and Riverwind, a human . . . fighter. Or maybe a ranger.

And I don’t think I left anyone off.

Although the early point-of-view centers on Tanis, the main character really is the group, itself. The viewpoint floats from character to character as you advance from paragraph to paragraph. And this works better than you might expect.

It starts when this old adventuring party is meeting again after a five-year separation. They meet at an inn that is built in a tree. (In fact, the entire town is built in the trees, except the forge.) They don’t know Goldmoon and Riverwind at this time, but Sturm meets them on the road and escorts them to the inn. There, an old man has sort of set them up to all meet, to fall afoul of a crime (that he accuses them of) and to go off on a quest together. And no one knows what the old man is up to. Right now in my reading (chapter 5), they are fleeing town.

If you’re going to read along, let me know!