Since it is now less than two months until The Sevenfold Spell comes out, I have been ramping up my publicity efforts. I’ve scheduled two days off but I hope to put together a blog tour that will go on for at least a couple of weeks. Because I am only going to be available for comments during the evening hours, I’m calling it Tia’s Pajama Party Blog Book Tour. What do you think? I’m looking for blogs to schedule for the tour, so if you are interested, please contact me.

I also have been handing out lots of bookmarks. You can also contact me if you want a couple, and I’ll send it in my next batch. I sent off a batch last weekend, and I need to send another batch tomorrow, including to a writer friend who unexpectedly asked for 50. She’s going to a convention just days before my book releases and she intends to put my bookmarks out with hers. Lovely of her, isn’t it? I also handed out a bunch of bookmarks at work.

(That reminds me, Anne Elizabeth–I still need your address!)

These efforts seems to be helping–my subscriber stats have jumped to a new average rate despite the fact that I’m not posting as frequently. And some people have already added The Sevenfold Spell to their bookshelves at Goodreads. Which is just awesome.

I’m still finding a little time to read. As I mentioned in the last Debut Showcase, I’m into historicals right now, and I’m digging Susanna Fraser‘s The Sergeant’s Lady. A mix of Regency romance and military life? Oh, yeah! I was intrigued enough to ask the author for an advance copy, and I’m certainly not doing much of that these days. (And be sure to stop by the website that her husband put together for her. I’m sure it’s a work in progress–but it’s hilarious!)

Can you think of anything else I could be doing for publicity–preferably something that doesn’t take a lot of time?