Maybe I’m just a pre-published ninny who is still all starstruck, but it occurs to me that Harlequin and Carina Press ROCKS. How so? Let me count the ways.

  1. Ultra-rapid response time. Maybe this is just because I submitted a novella, and Angela James has said many times that she loves reading novella submissions. Still, I got The Call from Angela way before I started fantasizing about it. In fact, when she did call, I was so not expecting the call that I didn’t even know who she was. I literally had submitted and forgotten. How long did it take? Three weeks. And during that time, three other editors read it, including the one who would become my editor. So we were able to go right to work.
  2. Multiple Release Potential. Our books are already appearing on Audible. As audiobooks. You know what that means? Another way to reach readers (and to make royalties). When they say digital first, they truly mean that.
  3. Input on Everything. As a blogger, I’ve heard all kinds of sad stories about authors who:
    1. Never saw their covers until they got a Google alert — and there it was on Amazon. (I was asked to fill out a detailed cover art sheet)
    2. Had zero input into their blurb and totally hated it when it came out. In one case, the blurb was even racially insensitive. (I was asked to “approve” my blurb. Yes, approve!)
    3. Had entire scenes excised from the final version without their knowledge. (I knew exactly what was changed and all edits were totally open to my approval and/or ideas for further improvement. And since I just got my author copies, I know everything is as it should be.)
    4. Was ignored by prima-donna editors. (My editor always gets back to me within a few days, and usually on the same day.)
  4. Online Reader Community. eHarlequin has been hosting an online community for about ten years, making them ahead-of-the-curve when it comes to publisher communities. Here is my profile. And Carina Press is right there! I’m told we’re going to get an author group blog, too.
  5. Involved Publicity. Harlequin’s publicity department has already been in touch with me to see if I was interested in being a featured author at a major romance website. As if I’d say no!
  6. Boundless Enthusiasm. Everyone at Carina Press, from the editors to the publicists to the digital conversion team has had wonderful enthusiasm for my story. It’s amazing for an author who met with indifferent rejections for over twenty years.

So would I recommend Carina Press to other aspiring authors? Absolutely! Especially if you have that hard-to-sell odd novel, or a novel that’s shorter than the minimum length, or historical periods and settings that aren’t otherwise in vogue. And if you don’t happen to have anything ready to submit, why not write a novella? It’s a much shorter time commitment to write it, and they treat it just like a regular novel, except it’s less expensive.

Ok, I’m done now. In other news, now that I have my final version, I can put up an excerpt! I’ll put up another post when it is ready for you to read.