I made the unpleasant discovery that my site looked no good on a standard 1280 pixel wide display. So I’ve shrunk up the display to 1024 pixels, and I’ve been playing with a background. But I really don’t have room for much of a background, so everything I’ve come up with so far I’ve rejected. I don’t want to go any narrower, because I like three columns. It IS nice to be able to predict where things will go, which was not possible with my former fluid display.

I’ve been playing with the GIMP graphics manipulation program, which is very powerful but not intuitive at all. That’s the way software works: the more powerful it is, the more difficult it is to use. I’ve yet to see a program that breaks this rule. I’m really starting to get interested in graphic design again. I’m even thinking about taking a course. If I ever make it to full time writer status, it would be sweet to be able to moonlight as a nonfiction writer and graphic designer. (Yeah, I change careers every ten years, or so. Don’t you? I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I’m getting closer.)

I have bookmarks! If you want one, leave a comment or email me at tia at tianevitt.com. (Yeah, that’s a different address from my blogging address.) So far, I’ve reserved almost 250, but yeah, 75 are for my mother and another 50 are for my sister. And that doesn’t include the bookmarks I’m going to foist off on people at work. And my critique partners. And my review partners.

This weekend I’ll post Harlequin Party pictures.