Watched The Book of Eli last night. This will be a quick post because I have about10 minutes before I go to work, so no images.

I loved it. It was wonderful storytelling. It was just the way Christian fiction ought to be–get the message across without any heavy-handedness. Denzel Washington was terrific, as usual, and who ever knew that the girl who played Jackie Burkhart (Mila Kunis) on That 70’s Show could act so well? Gary Oldman was hardly recognizable as the villain, but he was chilling.

The Book of Eli is about a man named Eli (Washington) who feels driven to carry a book across the post-apocalyptic country. He will do anything to protect the book, including standing aside and not getting involved when a gang of thugs kills a man and rapes his wife. He ends up in a town controlled by a man named Carnegie (Oldman), who is seeking the one book that will give him the words with which he can rule the masses.

Two men want the same book–one to rule the world and the other to save it.

As I said, the storytelling was fantastic. It brings most elements that were introduced in the opening scenes full circle, just as a story ought to do. I loved the iPod. It was totally unexpected in that setting. And I keep wondering how a novelist would have portrayed the book so the surprise at the end would remain intact. In the movie, they were able to show everything up front, trusting the reader to see what they expected to see. In a novel, the novelist would have had to withhold information. It bears thinking about.

I love post-apocalyptic fiction when it is done right, and this was so done right. I highly recommend it.

The Book of Eli – IMDB