Excuse me for writing another authorial post, but I have my cover for The Sevenfold Spell! And since it’s final, I can post it. Behold!

Let’s scrutinize it, shall we?

First, the spinning wheel. When I filled out my cover art fact sheet, I noted that the spinning wheel is the most important visual element. Talia and her mother do their spinning in the cellar, because spinning wheels are outlawed and they must spin in secret. The artist came up with the cobwebs on her own, but I think it a nice touch.

The spindle is another key element, so the artist included it as well. I love the magic effects coming off the spindle–because it is enchanted–and the fact that they are very subtle and not overly sparkly.

The girl. I expected some skin because there is a romance element, but I was unsure how much there would be. I am very happy that there is not an abundance of skin and cleavage. Romance covers have a code–the more skin, the more sex within. This cover is a good indication of the sex. It’s there, but it doesn’t dominate.

The book. I’m thinking the artist probably included it because this is a fairy tale retelling. My publicist mentioned that she thought this could be a continuity element for future titles. I love the book.

The mood. I specified a dark and melancholy mood, which is exactly what I got!

Other elements are the sun and theย  very faint moon behind the girl’s hand. My Talia isn’t pretty, so I’m glad the girl has her head kind of bowed, even if what we can see of her face is quite lovely.

It wasn’t what I expected, but my first reaction when I saw it was that it was beautiful. What do you think?