Giveaway – Spellwright by Blake Charlton!

Tor has offered to give away a copy of Spellwright by Blake Charlton, which Superwench reviewed (and loved!) below. To enter, either:

  • leave a comment (making sure you enter your accurate email address), or
  • send me an email to tia dot nevitt at gmail dot com. If you email me, please also include your snail mail address. It saves a lot of time in case you win. Put as the subject “Spellwright Giveaway”.

This contest is open to residents of the United States and Canada. The publicist was kind enough to explain the reason for this restriction — it has to do with overseas publishing rights.

I’ll let this contest run all week and will post the winner next Sunday.


33 thoughts on “Giveaway – Spellwright by Blake Charlton!”

  1. Woot! Free book! (Two of my favorite words, even better together. sort of like chocolate and peanut butter. But less sticky.)
    This one sounded interesting. Count me in!

  2. Spellwright sounds intriguing and I look ahead to another good fantasy novel! My hat’s in the ring!

  3. I would like an early chance to read this!
    Words as weapons is a wonderful plot idea!
    Did you know that the word sarcasm in Greek was
    sarkasmós, derived from sarkázein and means ‘a rending of flesh’? Knowing that has stopped many sarcastic words from leaving my tongue, over the years!

  4. Fantasy has always had a passion for the outsider (as both haven and advocate), and this looks to have a fascinating storytelling angle!

  5. Email sent. I’m very interested in this book. {SMILE}

    {The United States Post office thinks Hawai’i is part of the U.S. They charge the highest normal rate, but not a penny more. That should be good enough for any doubters. {Smile})

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    1. Anyone who thinks think Hawaii isn’t part of the United States needs to refresh their USA geography. New Mexico has the same problem — I heard someone with my own ears wonder whether it’s part of the United States.

      1. Thanks. {Smile}

        I’m afraid we’ve been dealing with catalogs that charge extra to go outside the continental U.S. if they ship here at all. Too often, they insist something HAS to come by truck, so it can’t go to Hawai’i at all. That’s not how the shipping services see it; just the catalogs. {lop-sided smile}

        Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  6. It’s great to see so much interest. I understand Tor did a retweet earlier today. I hope you guys come back often; Tor is one of my favorite publishers.

  7. The description looks really interesting. Also the fact that the author started fantasy reading Wheel of Time is great!

  8. This book has one of the best opening lines I’ve seen, and Blake is a nice guy with an interesting personal story as well. I am planning to review it on my blog and my own author site, and I look forward to more works from him.

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