J has won the giveaway for Spider’s Bite by Jennifer Estep! Congratulations J, and expect an email from me momentarily.

In other news, I’ll be away for half of the week, but this blog will go on! Actually, I’ll just be in a different place — at my parents — and I am perfectly capable of responding to comments while there, so it won’t be like I’m away at all. But technically, I’ll be on vacation. My prewritten posts are scheduled to go up bright and early each morning, Monday through Thursday. Whether I post on Friday or not is anyone’s guess. My posts include my review of Spider’s Bite, my review of my iPod Touch, a Debut Showcase and — ahem — an editorial. Well, not really. An article.

My birthday is also this week. WooHoo! That’s the reason for my trip to my parents. Plus, I could use a little time off. Our plans? To do as little as possible. I’ll bring some books along, including Canticle by Ken Scholes and and urban fantasy that I can’t seem to put down (can you believe it?!?) — Master of None by Sonya Bateman. It doesn’t come out until March — and the end of March at that — so I really need to read it later, except I’m having this little problem with putting it down. So now I’ll be stuck writing this review two months ahead of time. Can you imagine? The nerve of some authors, interfering with my schedule this way!

(And by all means, Ms. Bateman, interfere all you want!)

Should be a fun week! See you around the comment threads!