Book Blogger Convention!

Last year, I posited the idea of a book blogger convention, and a handful of intrepid bloggers have gone ahead and put one together. It’s a one day convention on May 28th in New York City. There are a limited number of seats, so hurry!

Find all the info at

I’m thinking this might be just the time to take that long-delayed trip to New York City! Wanna join me?

4 thoughts on “Book Blogger Convention!”

  1. Ah crap…I wish I had known it was happening sooner. I’m already flying all over the country and then to the UK this year…no way I could afford a trip to NYC.

    Blast! Why couldn’t it be in St. Louis or Albuquerque?

  2. Or Atlanta! New York was probably a good choice because of its proximity to publishers. I hope this can be a mobile convention.

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