Activating threaded conversations in the comments turned out to be as easy as flipping a switch. At this point, it will thread up to 5 levels deep. I’ll leave it there for now and see if switching it becomes necessary.

The winter cold might be a sinus infection after all. And it’s seriously impeding my Christmas Spirit, not to mention my shopping. I just sent out Christmas cards today. The ones going to family in England and Wales will never get there in time, but they will get there eventually.

But the cold (or whatever the heck it is) has been good for reading! I have five book reviews to write! Well, one’s already written and I’ll post it on Sunday. My Neo makes it easy to write a review while tucked into my Lazy Boy recliner. However, actually posting them is something of a hassle, because then I have to, you know, actually get up.

So why don’t you leave me some cheer-up comments and test out my nested comment feature at the same time? Maybe we can figure out together whether or not I need more than five nesting levels or not.